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The iPad App


Our iPad app is fantastic for artists and galleries wishing to promote artwork to mobile audiences. With millions now using mobile devices, it's a wonderful discovery tool for art enthusiasts, tourists, students, professionals and educators.


Search and Discover

Each member listing is associated with over 30 art-specific categories. This intuitive grouping allows consumers to find artists anywhere that match their interests quickly and easily. The map-based interface also allows people to pinch, zoom and search for locations based on city or region. The design is perfectly suited to iPad, allowing anyone to discover great artists in their city or around the world. 


A beautiful place to promote your art

Once published, artwork is organized into an attractive interface that supports the latest in mobile technology. This includes integrated support for e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. 


Promote artist websites

Our built-in browser promotes artist websites to consumers who are mobile-ready. Artists can even use unique a landing page optimized for HTML5 for the best results.   


Join the network

Our service is designed to do one thing - promote art to consumers. By participating, artists are represented in a whole new way on a unique platform. 

Mobility creates new solutions

Beyond reaching art enthusiasts, travelers and collectors through The App Store, members can use their device as a digital picturebook during art shows, client meetings and special events. Watch your audience grow by having fans contact you directly from the app.  



Zero headaches

Publishing to Galleries HQ requires no additional hardware, software or programming expertise. We publish artwork daily and can start promoting your content the week we receive it.